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About Porter

We’d be lying if we said this all started as anything other than a way for our grumpy owner to sit in a dark corner of a used bookstore all day, grumbling and ranting at customers about the pretentiousness of modern British authors and how Dan Simmons is a transcendent genius of our age.

But once we found Barracks 671 and the Fort Ben community, we knew we wanted this to be something more. We felt compelled to combine our love of books and food (particularly bread!) and share our passion with the people of Indianapolis. Porter Books had become Porter Books & Bread.

Here we place our focus on hand-made food and locally sourced goods. From our own breads and biscotti to local produce and meats, if we don’t make it ourselves we try to find someone nearby that does.

Which leads to our promise to every customer that walks through our doors:

We’re proud of each item on our menu and stand by every one of our products. We bake the bread, biscotti and most of the breakfast goods ourselves. Our sandwiches and salads are made from fresh and—whenever possible—locally sourced ingredients. If we wouldn’t eat it, we won’t serve it.

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We love our neighbors. That’s why we support local whenever possible. Here are a few of the vendors you’ll find here.

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